Henry Cho

"After doing standup comedy for 30 years, I've seen many comedians come and go. I tour only with clean comedians who are funny. Clayburn Cox fits the bill to a T!"

-Henry Cho

Taylor Tomlinson

"Clayburn Cox makes comedy look easy (and a little uncomfortable). He barely has to lift a finger to have audiences rolling in their seats."

-Taylor Tomlinson

Mark Lowry

"I highly recommend Clayburn Cox for your event. He is funny and you can invite your grandma or your grandkids. He'll make them all laugh and he's clean."

-Mark Lowry

"...adept at back-and-forth banter with the audience..."

-The Journal

Buena Vista, GA

Big Shows / Small Shows

Clayburn enjoys them both. Give him the inside scoop on your group. He loves to pick on folks (all in good fun).

Interested in booking Clayburn?

Call: 615.656.5987

Lee Porter, Aspiring Mark Agency